2023 is the year of the terminal

Tom Deneire
7 min readJun 15, 2023
Photo by Mikhail Fesenko on Unsplash

Terminal velocity

Okay, the title might be a bit click-baity, but in any case, 2023 is turning out to be my year of the terminal! In this post, I’d like to share my quest for developer productivity and how it slowly took me towards the terminal, and has allowed me to reach, indeed, terminal velocity. Pun very much intended…

Along the way, I’ll also share a bit of my setup and sources, so you can check out the tools I work with yourself! You can find my dotfiles here:

Developer productivity

When I started programming I didn’t really care about developer productivity. I guess that’s normal. At first, you’re just happy stuff works! However, I think it is natural for software developers to care about efficiency, so every programmer is bound to start looking for better, often quicker, ways to do things.

Now before I start talking about what such efficiency, or developer producitivity, means for me, I’d like to preface this by saying that it is, of course, my personal preference. Everyone is bound to have different ideas about what works best for them, and I think that is perfectly fine. I’ve written before about how I think it’s nonsense that in 2023 people are still arguing about the “best” editor, and I think this goes for all of developer productivity. So, by all means, look around and decide what’s right for you! If you don’t like doing stuff in the terminal, that’s fine by me!

Linux and shell

When I switched from my previous job to working as a developer (which is another story), I immediately got one of the best pieces of advice about software development I have ever received. I was a Windows user at the time and my CTO at the time suggested I start using Linux on my desktop/laptop. That way, I could get familiar with some shell commands, which would serve me well when I had to do some work on a server. I cannot tell how instrumental this was for me to get to where I am now as a software developer. I started with…